What Customers Say About Us

Heather B.  |  Dec 27, 2018

I had a different mover scheduled that 2 days before stopped answering calls - I was so nervous because I needed to change my time and it was shortly before Christmas. I called Brother Movers and they scheduled me immediately, no problem! I also had a sort of double-move; picking up items from storage from one place, bringing them to another, and moving items from both places into a moving pod for moving across the country from Santa Clara to Florida...  Read More

Vasu M.  |  Dec 9, 2018

Efficient, dedicated, and trustable bunch of people who offered me the best price at the time of booking. After the move, I tipped them some 150 dollars for their service. I would go with them for the next move for sure.

Li C.  |  Nov 24, 2018

Best ever moving experience, Mr. Wei and Chen came on time, not asked for increased hours and tips like other moving companies did, started to move immediately, did not take any break for smoking, etc., the price is reasonable, for a small moving, they charged 2.5 hours without asking. Highly recommended!  

Anna H.  |  Nov 22, 2018

Recently, We used brother movers from a friend's recommendation. They are very patient. My furniture is packed very carefully. Especially in our new home, the ground protection is very good. We are moving from a townhome to a single family home, they never complain anything. We are very happy about the services and will recommend them to our friends. Thank you.

Cynthia L.  |  Nov 14, 2018

I saw Brother Movers in action in the apartment that I am about to move in, and the movers were very detailed and nice. One of the movers hands me a business card for me to contact their company to get info on my move. I contacted Brother Movers later the day to discuss my moving of a 1st story two-bedroom apartment from central California to another two-bedroom in a five story apartment with an elevator in the Bay...  Read More

Michelle Z.  |  Nov 8, 2018

My neighbor recommended Brother Movers to us. They told me that they are 靠谱(Kaopu) which means reliable in English. I thought the comment was funny that he probably was joking around. Until three brothers from Brother Movers showed up this morning, I realized that they were really reliable and helpful. Most of all they are all very professional...  Read More

Mohit K.  | Oct 23, 2018

Just moved this weekend, and it was only made easy because of Jack and his team. I've moved a few times in the last few years but nothing compares to the professionalism of these guys. My new home is a tri-level townhome with wood flooring. I was quite concerned about damaging the flooring but these guys were remarkable!  Read More

Anna N.  |  Oct 22, 2018

I contacted Brother Movers for moving my one-bedroom apartment to another apartment within a 5-mile radius - both first floor. ($85 for 2 people/hour + tips +$20 for truck). I was happy with the rates and they were easy to talk to and get confirmation based on my preferred date and time. They wrapped my furniture neatly and moved all stuff without any damage within 2 hrs...  Read More

Eileen C.  |  Set 19, 2018

Thanks to Brothers Moving. They did an exceptional job moving our family. We were moving two apartments into one home. It was a big move. They work quickly, carefully, and all for a very fair price. We could not be happier with their service. Happy they were recommended to us. Just wanted to add our high recommendation of Wei-Wang and Brothers.

Yu-Keng S.  |  Sep 15, 2018

Very efficient move. I have 3 people moving my 1 bedroom apartment. I called to schedule about 1 month before moving and then they confirmed with me again two days before moving. Price is very reasonable: $160 including tips, plus $20 for truck and gas. It's higher than usual because my original place is on the 3rd floor without an elevator...  Read More

Jing L.  |  Aug 26, 2018

I recently moved from San Francisco to San Diego and asked this company to help with moving. Tony was the only guy for long-distance moving, he drove from SF to SD and loaded my stuff all on his own. I live in the second floor (no elevator) and Tony loaded all the stuff (bed, tv, 14 boxes and etc.) in 40 mins!!! He even assembled the bed for me!!! really efficient!

Yon gL.  |  Aug 24, 2018

I just moved from a 2nd-floor place to another 2nd-floor place in downtown SF. The stairs were brutal. Tony and his crew didn't complain at all. They were professional and efficient. They did a great job wrapping up and protecting my stuff. I highly recommend them. Also, Jack in the office was great at answering all my questions.

Di W.  |  Aug 24, 2018

This is the second time our family used trusted movers. These guys are truly awesome! Compared to other moving companies, BM only takes less time to finish all the moving, with a lower hourly rate! Tony's team did an amazing job! My husband and I are very happy with their service. They are very very FAST and professional. I will definitely recommend BM to my friends!