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Long Distance Moving

Nothing but professional moving services​

Moving is already a difficult, time-consuming, and stressful process but when you are making a long-distance move the stress multiplies. That's where Brother Movers comes in. We shoulder all of the logistical difficulties of long-distance moving so you can focus on the things that matter. Whether you're moving to San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, or Las Vegas - we're here to make it as painless as possible.

​Our recorded time begins as soon as we start moving your belongings and ends upon completion of your move. We can assist you with moving anywhere within 1000+ miles. The same team will be working with you from start to finish to ensure you and your belongings are taken well care of. If you have questions about long-distance moving, give us a call today.

What we can offer you

·     Office and warehouse relocation

·     Packing and unpacking

·     Storage

·     Cubicle installation

·     Disassembly and reassembly of desks, cabinets, cubicles, etc.

·     Crating

·     Furniture liquidation

·     Office equipment moving

·     TV & monitor boxes*

*We highly suggest packing your TVs and monitors into boxes made specifically for the safe transport of those items. If you do not have a tv/monitor box and do not want to purchase one from us, we suggest that you haul the tv or monitor yourself as our insurance only offers $0.60 per pound for a replacement if broken or damaged.

Moving Services


Brother Movers LLC is one of the fast-growing Long-distance moving companies in Seattle, WA serving for many years in the moving industry. With our moving service, you come to under the safe umbrella where you get a stress-free move. Our dedicated and passionate workers mover did not leave the job until they satisfied their client. We provide our moving services by our skilled, reliable, and professional movers. We are that facilitator as exactly what you are looking for. 


We are one of the best renowned Long-distance Moving companies in San Diego. Our company did not compromise our reputation in any case so that is why our professional team strives both ends meet to achieve the demanded task of our clients. Our commitments and fulfilling the word of mouth make our business the Top Long-distance movers in San Diego. Our hardworking team is fully trained and experts to move all our client’s belongings safely and efficiently. The motive of our organization is to build a lifetime relationship with our trusted patrons by our moving facility. 


Long-Distance Moving


With Brother Moves LLC, you can safely move from one place to another place between two states or within a state. Our company is considered as the best Long-distance movers in Los Angeles. We also facilitate long-distance specialized moving services in which you can move anywhere in the country. Our company can easily arrange the shifting process without any hurdle to you and deliver the goods on the site on time. The long-distance moving schedule plan is simple and hustle-free. If you want a long-distance move like in Seattle, WA,  San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Clara ca, Los Angeles CA you can tightly golf the hands of our service. As we are the only one best Long-distance movers in Santa Clara CA. We also facilitate our beloved client’s detailed inventory services before moving to save them from any inconvenience while unloading and unpacking the stuff after shifting. Through their professional movers, the organization works honestly with real concern and transfers the goods perfectly with great responsibility.


Our company this service helps our client to transport their new home with great ease without any hustle and bustle. They have budget-friendly packages for their clients. Long-distance companies in Santa Clara, charge per hour services for long-distance moving. While moving our team workers take care of the safety of your belongings. We also manage import and export consignment clearance through their custom clearing services. In long-distance moving, each trailer is shared by four to ten clients. Every shipment has a particular window which depends on the location. The window range may vary between 15 to 20 days.

Trained Experienced Movers


We passed our laborers through detailed training sessions. Our professional team members have worked in the company for a long time so you can blindly trust our services. We guarantee you to provide quality-based service to a Long-distance moving company in San Francisco. Our workers are available seven days a week for making your moving flexible. The movers of our company work honestly with real concern and transfer the goods perfectly with great responsibility. Our staff is so professional and their performance is entirely up to the mark. 


The Packing of Long-Distance Moving


The packing for long-distance is moving is one of the sensitive tasks to do as for moving the beloved valuables of client we need special precautionary measures to shift the goods safely and sound. In the process of long-distance packing the material, we used during packing are the bubble, wrap, nails, screwdrivers, papers, towels, hammers, pads, plastic bags, tissues, plastic boxes, and cardboard. Our movers also use blankets for the protection of heavy items during moving. We perform these services very professionally at economical rates. Our organization focuses on precautionary measures in the process of planning. The things we usually transfer in moving have a huge list like food, beverages, furniture, electronic appliances, pianos, clothes, office stuff, and other household items. Their skilled workers pack your goods protectively and transfer them to safe pickup stores. Further, they unpacked the things cautiously and handed them over to you. So these measures  make our company unique as Long-distance movers of Los Angeles CA, 


Long-Distance Movers Motive


Brother Movers LLC is the finest Moving company in Califonia. Our main motive is to provide reliable and accessible moving services in Seattle, WA,  San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Clara ca, Los Angeles CA. The company mover’s main focus is to make a helping hand for their client so our client spends carefree hours. To lessen the burden of our client we present a simple and clear plan we the moves in affordable charges. Our ultimate purpose is to take away the worry and tension of clients they face in the process of moving long-distance.