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Long Distance Moving Company in Seattle, WA

Let us make moving across the country simple. You can relax knowing that the most reliable long-distance moving company in Seattle, WA has your back with various moving services. This includes packing and storage, moving protection, excellent customer service, and some of the highest moving company ratings in the nation.

Trusted Company

For years, Brother Movers have had preferential rates for trustworthy and competent long-distance moving services. We have 10 years of experience mastering the interstate moving procedure, so we know what clients require for a positive moving experience.

We can help you with your upcoming cross-state move, regardless of how much you're moving a tiny apartment or corporate personnel. Further, our interstate movers can assist with the simple and easy transportation of your possessions to your new home, whether you are relocating across state borders or the country.

What Can We Offer To You?

Professionals from "brother movers" have experience with long-distance moving. They can manage everything from beginning to end, including assisting you in making your move plan to include the required moving services.

In general, a long-distance move means you have many items to move, frequently resulting from living in a larger space. The following housing types could be regarded as long moves:

  • Apartment with 1-3 bedrooms

  • Many-bedroom home

  • Storage space in a studio apartment

Here are just a few extra services you can choose to add to you move to make the process even simpler, such as:

Services for convenient packing

  • Unpacking

  • Storage

  • Debris pickup

  • Storage Options

Packing & Unpacking Services


The most problematic aspect of the relocation for some people can be packing! Utilize our full packing service option to eliminate stress and save time. No matter the size or location, our packaging teams can manage this task, so you don't have to.


Unpacking frequently takes longer than anticipated or is another complex item to check off the list. Our unpacking services help you become organized to concentrate on more essential things, like settling into your new place.



If your move requires flexibility, we provide storage options that can be tailored to your particular moving needs. We are available to assist you with your storage needs if you need to store your possessions. At the same time, you sell your present house or wait for your new home to become available.


When your new home is complete, we will hold your stuff on-site in our handy storage facilities. We will complete the move for you when you're prepared to receive the items that have been stored.


Long-Distance Moving Costs


A long-distance moving company in Seattle, WA, quotes various factors, ensuring you get a reasonable estimate for your relocation. Each initial moving quote includes our standard Full Value Assurance option as well. We evaluate the amount or weight of your items, the duration of your move, and the additional services you want.


Because every long-distance move is unique, it's crucial to collect all relevant data before estimating your move's cost.


Choose Us.


Brother Movers put a lot of effort into providing clients with everything they need for a smooth move. This includes enabling you to create your moving plan with specialized service options that suit your requirements, spending limit, and timetable.


You will schedule your relocation with a long distance moving company in Seattle, WA, and a consultant who will serve as your point of contact after your moving estimate is finalized. Use our website's phone number or email address to contact us.