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Your Trusted Movers!

Brothers Movers LLC should be your preferred Santa Clara moving company, we pride ourselves on providing the people of Santa Clara with the best moving services. Planning a move is not easy as you have to consider a lot of factors and you have to make sure that you should have a seamless move and that it will not create a hassle for you. If you think that you can move to another city or state on your own then you might be wrong you cannot move to any other place by yourself. You need professionals to help you with the moving services, our professionals are highly experienced and dedicated. 


With our trusted and qualified movers, you can rest assured that your belongings are in safe hands. Our movers in Santa Clara CA maintain consistent communication with the customers throughout the moving process. We make sure that your possessions are delivered to the destined places promptly and safely. With so many moving companies around, it is hard for you to choose the one that best fits your needs. That's why we suggest you choose the company that is there for the longest time and that has a good reputation among people. 



Affordable Moving Company In Santa Clara


Our movers in Santa Clara have the necessary expertise and experience and they can move all of your belongings without causing any damage to them. For us, our customer satisfaction holds great importance and that's why we make sure that we give affordable services to everyone. We guarantee you that with us your move will be seamless and effective. Whether you need an office relocation or a local residential move our company is just right for you!. We offer the following services to our residents in Santa Clara. 


Packaging and Loading services. 


We understand that it is hard for an inexperienced person to pack delicate and heavy items on their own. That's why we give you our professional packaging team who helps you in your packaging process. Our team is highly professional and can pack almost anything in a jiffy. They make sure that they'll not damage any of your items. Furthermore, they pack your items in the boxes that are provided by the company and laminate them properly. They also label the boxes so that it would be easy for you to unbox them later.  


You will be glad to know that our loading team also provides you with assembling and disassembling of your furniture. They uplift your heavy home appliances and load them onto the vehicle. Our company has all the latest equipment and tools that they use during the loading process. With the help of this equipment, the process of loading becomes easy. Our loaders wear sturdy shoes and gloves when they load the items and they take every necessary step to ensure that the process goes smoothly they also help you in moving your heavy items and piece of furniture.

Loading Boxes in teh Truck

Storing Units 


We also provide you with storage units in which you can store your belongings temporarily. These storage units are specially designed to provide ease to your long-distance move. For instance, if you are planning to move across the country and you have no place where you can keep your items for some days then you should opt for our storage units. You can keep anything in these units for as long as you want. We guarantee you that we'll provide full security to these units. No matter how precious or delicate your item is you can keep them in our storage units. You can also keep your office furniture or any other business-related property in these units!


Piano Moving Services


A piano is one of the most precious and expensive items and you definitely need a special and experienced pair of hands for your piano move. Our residential movers in Santa Clara can help you in moving your piano. We provide you with a special vehicle in which we load your piano with great care. Our packers will Wrap the lid, keys, and all sides of the piano and secure them with packing tape. They Wrap all legs and pedals separately with the help of moving blankets and tape. Then they load the legs and pedals on a hand truck for easy move. 


Want To Contact Us?


So if you are planning a move and you haven't decided on the moving company then you should contact us. We will provide ease to your moves and we make sure that you are getting the best of our services. Moreover, you can also opt for our man and van services, our vans are always there on the roads and you can take their assistance whenever you want. No job is big or small for us we complete every job that we undertake effectively and efficiently. You can trust us with our services!